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Coastal Plains FCA 2-Man Scramble

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Coastal Plains Coaches Golf Challenge

In addition, to first and second place awards you will have the chance to win a  coaches prize, "Coastal Plains Coaches Challenge Trophy". Represent your School by competing against other coaches to win this traveling award.  Winner will take home the Trophy to remain at your school with player names on it. Then, next year it will come back for another possible winner. 

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Coastal Plains FCA 2-Man Scramble is open to all ages men, women and students to compete. Our purpose is for fun, fellowship and a way to help raise support to scholarship coaches and athletes to attend FCA Camps.

If you are not available to play nor pay for a team to play but want to make a contribution. Please click Donate to Camp Scholarships.

Thank you for your support. May God bless you and yours as He meets all your needs.